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2004-04-14 - 10:46 a.m.


a revolution of the fact that i was believing that the world encompased me and only me occured last evening. it was when a person was persistent in conversation about finding time to hang out with me. naturally i avoided the subject, being that yes, he is nice, but no i don't want to lead him on. he seems like a person easily led. after repeated no's and began to wonder why he was so persistent. didn't he realize that he wasn't the type of person i'd hang out with? i mean he's a poor dancer. my standards are higher in that respect. then it hit me. shazaam. i'm an egotistical, everyone spins in my orbit, snob. i say this because when i meet someone who i'm drawn to i ponder and persist as well. and then curse the world for working against me. because why *wouldn't* someone see my inner coolness and hence reject me?

i now shall dismount my high-horse and work on being a better person.

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