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2004-04-19 - 8:58 p.m.

cowboy baby

drizzle on the windshield, i ponder what i might expect from this evening to come. sure we've exchanged words via email. and yes, i know his voice. but what will this stranger become once we look each other in the face? how will i know him anyway? when making plans i thought it would be fun and silly to each wear some sort of trinket like kids do in movies. maybe a yellow rose. or a certain color scarf. i decided to simply ask, "how will i know you?". i grinned at the reply, "i'll be wearing a cowboy hat." so i stood around waiting and wondering. up the street came this tall stranger walking ever so confidently wearing ... well ... a cowboy hat. as he approached my misc. body parts jumped for joy. my brain thought something to the effect of "nuh-uh." (in a good way) so we meet. we talk. we eat. we laugh. we drive. we drink. we laugh. stories galore. 5 hours later we depart, but only after a rather long first/good night kiss. *sigh* yes. it was *that* great of a kiss. i love finding compatible kissers. i get giddy. anyway, this entire night made the idea of "blind" dates (if you want to call them that) not so terribly scary. there is hope in the world that positive experiences can come out of "what if" scenarios. the end.

that was last night.

today was mediocre. nothing eventful. typical monday. blah. getting ready to pop in a movie and relaxxxxx. just wish i had some hot cocoa. mmmm. mint flavor. maybe tomorrow.

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