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2004-05-13 - 1:59 p.m.

ole' mother hubbard have your son give me his bone

did something yesterday that i normally dread ........ i met the mom. and you know what? it went well. mom greeted me at the door with a hug. grandma also hugged me for the first time. laughed at all the family stories that weren't mine. tried to do a little bonding with the brother. actually it was kinda eerie how comfortable i was around all his kin.

then off we went to karaoke. got there right as his mother and her friend arrived. K was so cute. he was nervous about singing in front of me for the first time. it was adorable. anyway when he got up there and opened those lungs i nearly died. i had a small glimpse into his ability just from his singing in the car, but damn. the boy can belt. i elected myself his #1 groupie (and ONLY groupie too). i also felt warm and fuzzy when he serenaded me with a burt bacharach song (name escapes me).


memorable moments of the night:

1. his mother gettin' down and dirty table-dance style with G singing "you can leave you're hat on"

2. the stunned expression on L's face when K and I stepped out of the ladies bathroom. *smirk*

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