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2004-05-14 - 4:48 p.m.

petting the peaves

okay. so there are a few things that just irritate the fucking hell out of me.

1) is it so hard to flush a toilet?? i mean seriously, the people that work in my building are completely disgusting. they also leave their lunch garbage on the tables (i'll call this peave 1a).

2) this is regarding swing dancers (actually anyone, but mostly dancers). If you use the bathroom, please please please wash your hands. after all, you will be going back out there and "touching" people.

3) don't be late. if you say you're going to be somewhere be there. or at least call if you're running late.

4) when you're driving and need to turn, use your damned signals. they were put there for a reason. (and yes, i am guilty of doing this too, but trust me i get peaved at myself). granted i still won't trust you, spending so much of my life in florida where the old folks prefer leaving them on constantly.

5) people who are overly-anal about things like ordering at restaurants (i want this one thing, but substitute this other thing with this 3rd thing, but not too cooked. those people should be served spam, spam, spam with a side of spam).

aside from these few things, i'm pretty laid back. now it's time to go grab my guy (literally. and i won't mention where) and enjoy my weekend. peace.

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