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2004-05-19 - 11:47 a.m.

limbo .. an' i don't mean using that kind of stick

It's Wednesday. Midweek. Hump Day. Also now known to me as Lottery Day. Maybe I'll be lucky. Doubtful.

I woke up this morning radiating with happiness as I rolled over and saw "H" sleeping next to me. One of my favorites things is to watch someone sleep. So angelic. So innocent. I hated the idea of having to emerge from my bed, leave his side, and begin my work day. Especially knowing that it will be days before I can wake again similarly. This limbo stage is difficult, even though I know good and well that it is temporary.

I'm so excited about my future. And so fucking scared too. Never in a million years would I have thought that my mindset would've fallen into this marvelous place. That I would accept a commitment of this level. But it has happened. My world has done a complete 180 and I haven't paniced yet. Weird. I'm finally ready.

My only concern is it's seemed that I can't focus on anything else. Not that my mind has horribly deep thoughts. But there is an issue about college and my own personal growth stuff. I have little time to research schools during my work day. And at night I'm consumed with "us". I want to bust out all types of art expressing the joy I feel right now. I want to paint. Write. Photograph. Hell, I've actually put this relationship before my dancing (which is something I swore up and down I wouldn't do). Not that it's wrong, because finding your perfect someone and keeping that interest at heart should definitely come before anything else. *Sigh* As long as I keep things in perspective. Meaning, once this gawd awful limbo stage is rectified and time spent together becomes more convenient, then I can pursue my expressions. I may need a royal kick in the ass at that point ... so, "H", I appoint you kicker of my ass.

On a finally note. I was pleased to have been thrown down onto my bed last night and then fucked nice and hard. My housemates were away so I was allowed to be more vocal. All praise to God.

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