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2004-05-21 - 1:50 p.m.

great minds

very seldom have i been homesick for florida. but for the past couple of days i've been missing my friends horribly. 3 in particular (jeri, serg and rob). i phoned jeri only to realize i didn't have the time to have the conversation i wanted. i chatted with rob briefly today to catch up. so then i send serg an email to just to say 'hey, how are things?'. no more than an hour later i get an email from him asking how i am, and stating that he misses me. under normal circumstances i wouldn't blink an eye at this. but it's the fact that my email to him went to his home address and his to me came from his work. i know that he hadn't read mine yet. god i love that. then again we *were* born on the same day and tend to think alike. =)

*sigh* i can't wait to go home in january.

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