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2004-06-08 - 3:43 p.m.

from a terrified tot to today

I was just a wee little one the first and only time I saw Hitchcock's "The Birds". It threw me into a fear that I'm sure is the reason for my phobia of our fine feathered friends. Little bastards chirping and fluttering around. They are good for little beyond my occasional craving for Ranchos Huevos or Chicken Chimichangas. Anyway, so there I am as a child, sitting in front of the tele trying to keep my hands firmly affixed to my eyes to block my view, listening to the screaming and carrying on coming from the tv speaker. All of this soaking into my own tiny paranoid brain. Being the child that I was, I carried this image of evil birds killing and maming innocent people for quite a while. It may have been buried in the back of my mind, nonetheless, it was still there. It wasn't until The Mockingbird decided to build it's nest in our front yard palm tree that the horror came back. I remember dodging this possessed demon as I left my safe haven to hop into the car and head to school. It got so bad that my grandmother would have to carry a broom to fight off the beast. This was not cool to me. I'd stand on the doorstep and cry, fearing that my eyes would be plucked from their sockets. My grandmother would push start me out the door ... I'd cry more. Now I had become enclosed between two monsters (the one being of my blood, the other wanting to drink my blood). This went on for a while. Until the eggs in the nest hatched and the babies were at their "safe" age. (Granted I don't blame the bird for protecting it's young, but damn it was a nightmare for this meek, shy, introverted child. I do however blame my grandmother for not taking similar acts of protection.)

So what sparked this memory you ask? Well .... they're baaaaaaack. I set off on my normal morning walk to the other building when low and behold 3 screaming crows hovered over me, watching and waiting for me to threaten their soon-to-be-young. I actually felt the fear I had as a child resurface. You would think that being an adult and knowing that I am human and superior, I would not be affected. But crows are quite a bit larger than mocking birds and still possess sharp beaks. Which is nothing against my 2 sheets of paper I was carrying for defense. So, my heart raced and I actually walked far out of my way to avoid them. Luckily the weather has been nice and I've needed the exercise.


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