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2004-06-16 - 4:40 p.m.

ugh. part deux.

on monday i had posted an entry on my myspace blog noting some of my dysfunctions when it comes to handling relationships. (monday was an uber-bad day.) since then i've had some time to think and ponder over my actions - why i do them, how to fix them, etc. and now with it being wednesday i'm coming to grip with some shit. i am also mellowing the fuck out too. you see, before i would always just jump the gun and react. but taking a few days has really put certain things back into perspective. i really think by the weekend, i'll be a calmer person and actually be able to talk through some stuff in a mature and civilized fashion, not a fashion that attacks and lashes out (my normal behavior). it's funny how the older you get the more sensible you become. granted there's usually a lot more shit you have to wade through, but still you've gained knowledge and life experience to help guide you through those rough times just a wee bit better.

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