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2004-07-05 - 2:02 a.m.

Atkins, I Love You!!!

Information for all you carb counters:

Michelob Ultra; 95 Calories; 2.6g Carbs
Smirnoff Ice; 228 Calories; 32.0g Carbs
Margarita; 165 Calories; 24.0g Carbs
Screwdriver; 180 Calories; 20.0g Carbs
Pina Colada; 260 Calories; 12.0g Carbs
Hardcore Crisp Cider; 190 Calories; 19.0g Carbs
Bloody Mary; 120 Calories; 5.0g Carbs
Coors Light; 102 Calories; 5.0g Carbs
Miller Lite; 96 Calories; 3.2 Carbs
Table Wine; 125 Calories; 3.0g Carbs

Now keep in mind I ran across this printed on a cardboard coaster and placed under my beer at JJ's Blues Club. The way I see it ... If you are worried about losing weight, being all healthy and therefore counting carbs on all the alcohol you're drinking, maybe you should question whether you have a larger problem to deal with.

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