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2004-08-08 - 10:50 a.m.

neon signs and the lack thereof

alright, i need to rant about something here for a minute. there is one thing about california that royally, and i mean royally, pisses me off. the fact that it's like a freaking speakeasy when it comes to finding gas stations. maybe it's because californians are rich fucks that can afford high-tech cars with fancy gps systems that illustrate exactly where they all are.

it was well past 1am, i was a little buzzed and i was driving back from concord. i noticed i was nearly out of gas. but do you think i saw any exit between concord and hayward that had big ass sign saying, "lookie here we're a shell station. pull off and fill up that swanky little car of yours."? fuck no. so i drive. the little red light comes on. i choose to start randomly pulling off exits. but in doing so i still can't find a station. as if people don't need gas in these areas. finally i score. and it's a good thing too, because my next venture was climbing the san mateo bridge (by the way the toll has been increased. bastards.). anyway, this is not the first time all this shit has happened. and i'm getting tired of it. i mean seriously, in florida it's apparent where the gas stations, hotels, fast food joints are. because there the companies are brilliant enough to be placed just off the highway and possess bigass tall signs that illuminate the fucking sky. pretty good marketing idea, huh?

wait ... i get it now ... that explains the high gas prices. being that there's only 1 gas station per every 10 square miles .....

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