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2004-09-13 - 5:49 p.m.

can you conquer the list ?

over the past many years i've slowly put together a list of prerequisites that my lifelong s/o should meet. not an actual piece of paper. moreso a file tucked away in my head. with each relationship i encounter i re-evaluate the list, adding and removing as i see fit. the list will always evolve as long as i'm single ... because i will continue to grow as a person myself. i understand there isn't a man in the universe that holds all of the items on the list. therefore, i know that when i meet someone that holds greater than 75% of them, i need to give it some serious consideration.

DG holds more than 75% of the items. and within that 75% lie some of the more important ones like: job, car, goals, dreams, etc. there is also this way about him. he goes far out of his way to make me feel special. for example take last night. i had spent the entire weekend entertaining a friend visiting from florida. as if that wasn't enough pressure, my system shuts down and lets me become sick with a cold. it was a long and exhausting 4 days. all i wanted to do come sunday night was relax with my man. when i got to his place he had drawn a hot bubble bath, lit the bathroom with candles, placed a bag of milano cookies next the the harry potter book he planned on reading to me. all this while loreena mckennit plays in the background. "it's your night, lady" he said, implying that he wanted nothing out of the experience aside from making me feel wonderful. so i layed in the bubbles and listened to him narrate the first potter book. i had never had this before. yes, i've had baths *with* men that were meant to lead to sex. yes, i've been read to. yes, i've been fed cookies. but it was just the way he did it all together. it was all i could do not to cry. he dried me and gave me a tshirt to wear. he tried to brush my hair but the tangles were too tight (hahaha. i felt bad about this. he tried really hard not to hurt me.) then we sat together in front of the tele and watched a movie until it was time for me to leave. *sigh*

i realise that he has issues. everyone has issues. i just hope that they are the kind i can work through. it'd be nice to have someone for a while.

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