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2004-10-29 - 11:57 p.m.

vicadin and the tango dancer

so here i am. bored and on vicadin. i was under the assumption that the meds would knock my ass out. or at least make me woozy. i guess i wouldn't feel safe driving a car, but not the intense affect that one would hope for. and to think i went through the whole wisdom teeth extraction and for what? well, yeah, because i needed to, but i was hoping for some good follow up shit to take. oh well. at least my jaw isn't hurting right now.


i've started to learn argentine tango. wednesday was my second night. i'm officially hooked. i knew this would happen. being led around a dance floor, being gently held in a seductive manner by beautiful latin men. dancing head to head and chest to chest all whilest my legs do whatever he tells them to. i swear this is better than any sex i've had in a very long time. my only initial worry was the music. i never found tango music "inspirational". but once i found that connection with my partner the music simply acted as a backdrop to the entire experience. it's purely and perfectly lovely.


i have also discovered a dancer that caught my eye. he's sweet and talented. he wants to learn my dance and i his. makes me think of all those cheesy teenage movies like "save the last dance". ahhh romance. not that this will turn that way. and i'm one hundred percent alright with that. it's just nice to meet people who are equally excited about learning to dance.

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