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2004-10-30 - 12:15 a.m.

i have nothing to say

do you ever have moments when you feel like writing, but there just isn't anything in your head that is worth putting down? i mean, i could mention that i finally started reading harry potter. or that my last so-called boyfriend called and still says his last name (as if i didn't recognize his voice). or that tango shoes are really fucking expensive. or that this player guy that i thought was a genuine person keeps calling me and not getting the hint that i think he's a fucking idiot that has no respect for women and i have no intention of fucking him. or that i think the fact that leg warmers are back in fashion rocks. or that my body is just now starting to tingle from the vicadin. or that i forgot to shower today. or that i just watched ferris bueller's day off for the first time in years. but none of that shit is worth reading. so i'll shut up now.

with my tongue >> i could also go for some whiskey and a clove
in my ears >> nothingness
lusting for >> not exactly sure right now
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