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2004-11-09 - 10:51 p.m.

keeping in motion

in one hand i hold a wad of yarn created out of many different colors, textures and lengths all wound together into a nice messy knot that only slightly represents the shape of a ball. in the other hand a neatly wound ball of white fluffy yarn. it's shape is a perfect circle untainted by dirt or molded out of shape by any circumstance. as i haphazardly begin to juggle the calico woven mess maintains it's unruly and disorganized shape. the pure ball of woven virginity stays in place at first, but after each rotation begins to loosen. the white becomes tainted with the dirt from my fingers. the tautness becomes disheveled until at last the yarn drops from both hands to the floor into one heaping mess of uncertainty. i bend over. pick up the fiber and roll it together into one united semblance of a ball. then go to the closet and pull down a new clean handful of purity. i begin to juggle ...

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