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2004-06-04 - 12:57 p.m.

prescribed foreshadowing of my demise

I was in Longs Drugs a while back patiently standing behind this older couple. As the cashier was ringing up their items I caught a glance into the elderly lady's purse. It seemed to me that she had robbed the pharmacy in the back of the store without being noticed. The bag was completely packed with prescription bottles all gathered nicely in plastic bags. I'm assuming that there was some type of reason for this. Maybe it was to keep separated the ones that might just react poorly to each other. Nonetheless, the amount of genetically designed chemicals was amazing. How does one get to a point that they *need* all of that?? I couldn't imagine having to pop so many pills in a given day, not to mention carry the beasts along with me where ever I may go.

So that incident and observance was in fact a good month or two ago. Until last night I had forgotten about it completely. It wasn't until I emptied my own purse looking for something that I found 3 prescriptions and 2 different type of vitamin supplements. I'm scared dear readers. I'm scared that this is the beginning and by the time I reach 54 (20 years from now) I will also be toting around a shopping bag sized purse to house my many doctor prescribed (not socially prefered guides to bliss) drugs.

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