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2004-08-14 - 12:15 p.m.

not an entirely true previous entry

regarding my last entry not ALL men are disappointing. if i had to guess about 75% of them are.

i'm still a little thrown and upset over the photographer sitch. i know i should let it go, but it hit me at what seemed to be the peak of a bitter, hateful pms moment. i still don't understand how one can be so professional and make statements like, "i don't become involved with my models because i want the images to come across sensual versus sexual". then a few days later be asking me if i had a boyfriend and could he date me when we're done working together. eww.

i guess my point of this entry is to admit that 25% of the male population might be just fine. unfortunately this calculation of men includes married and gay males, so therefore i am opening up myself to the idea of dating women.

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