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2004-08-21 - 11:55 a.m.


i really dig my little community that i live in. it's all family-like. it's mainly populated by mexicans, so the culture and surrounding food is nice. i like the fact that people knock on your door and ask if you want to buy homemade tammales. i like the fact the a guy walks a cart down the street tooting a bike horn to sell some ... um ... i'm not actually sure what he sells. i like the fact that the ice cream truck drives down my street religiously a couple of times a day. however, i do NOT like the fact that the ice cream truck today chose "it's a small world" as it's come n' get it music. this song does not make me want ice cream. this song actually makes me want to run out and plummet the driver with bullets. why? because now i will have that gawdawful song trapped in my head til the day i die!!!

and wtf? "it's a small world after all. it's a small world afterall. it's a small world after all. it's a small, small world." did you ever notice that all the little animatronic kids on that ride look exactly like white children painted different colors? okay maybe slanted eyes (but *overly* slanted eyes to boot). makes ya wonder. i know i know .. the ride was created back in the 70's, but if they took our mr. toad's wildride because it was geared toward the acid induced flower children of the early 70's, then the least they can do is make the nationalities of the small world children more pc. am i wrong????

and since i'm on the subject of disney (which isn't a subject i jump on too often because i get pissed off pretty easily) am i the only one that has noticed how in the more current movies the hero and heroine have anglo features regardless of where geographically the film takes place? and that the villans resemble more accurately the nationality of that area? A good example is Aladdin. Just take a look next time you see it.

i'm done now. thanks for your time.

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