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2004-04-23 - 3:49 p.m.

demo derby

i'm not the best driver in the world. especially if i'm a) distracted, b) on my cell or c) really tired. yesterday was a tiresome day. as i got home i noticed there was barely enough room for me to parallel park in fron of my house. i attempted this anyway. so i back in ... try to straighten out ... bump the car i front of me ... back up .... decide that maybe i should try again from the beginning ... scrape the car in front of me leaving marks .. repark ... succesfully this time. so i contemplate leaving a note on the car and decide against it. i mean, when has anyone else ever given me that luxury or respect. as i'm walking to my door i remember that my landlady's daughter is tending to her dogs while she's away. i wonder whether i just nailed her car. i realize i did when i went inside and heard sara off in another room. i get nervous about the whole situation. i actually went back out and moved my car to a spot further up the street. after all that initial trouble. was that wrong? i can't help that i'm a pussy.

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