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2004-05-17 - 9:37 a.m.

mucha lucha meets elvis

Our weekend ...

Friday evening:

My wonderful partner in crime took me out for a fabulous dinner. I was never fond of Indian food before, but it is definitely growing on me. Amber's food, service and atmosphere couldn't be more perfect. They even had the two-person tables arranged so that it forced the two of us to sit closer together. After dinner we headed back to my place for dessert. I love dessert. =)


Woke up early-ish and mosied on down to the San Jo flea market. Highlights being the Luchador Masks (which I will return to get), the religious paraphernalia and the little kid with the Spiderman mask kicking the tied up balls while holding his little plastic sword. (precious). At night we went to the Blank Club to see Extreme Elvis &The Extra Action Marching Band Playing the Music of Black Sabbath's First Album. This was the most beautiful show I've been to in a long time. Seriously. Secondary thought ... I just want to make a personal note of something ... there was a "moment" during the show. *sigh* I'll leave it at that. When we got home ..... I can't even begin to explain.


Breakfast at Hobees. Lotsa eye gazing. Lotsa holding hands. Lotsa good words. After breakfast we drove up to Berkeley. Met with A for a drink and wandered around Telegraph. This is about when I started to feel under the weather. Blah. The day ended with me being a poopie head cuz I wasn't feelin' good. I still feel awful about it. I hate pulling people I care deeply about into my world of grump. Sorry again baby.

And today ... I feel a little off. Can't figure out if I'm getting sick or what. All I know is I want to be home (and I don't mean where I currently live) with a book, a movie, some tea and being held in the arms of the man I love.

~ Thing that i will do today making me feel like a kid again: I will repeatedly write Chri.....Cami....Kl.... on a piece of paper (wish I had a notebook) until I get the signature right.

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